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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an attorney?

It is vital that you have legal representation from an Oxnard personal injury lawyer when filing a claim or lawsuit in an injury case. As there are many types of damages that could be possible in your case, the attorney can ensure that each type of damage you have a right to claim under law is included in a comprehensive filing. Without legal representation, you could run into trouble in dealing with the insurance company involved, who may deny or reduce your compensation.

How long do personal injury cases take to get paid?

Each case varies in the length of time before the claim is paid. In very serious injury cases, the claim for compensation is often very high value, and it make take longer for the matter to be resolved. In other cases, you may receive a settlement fairly quickly. What is important is not the length of time that the claim takes to resolve, but that you receive fair and full compensation and are not taken advantage of through lack of understanding of the legal process. The legal team at Accident Lawyers will ensure that you are kept informed of the progress of your case throughout the process.

Is there a statute of limitations in personal injury cases?

Yes. You have two years from the time of the injury in which to file a claim. It is important that the process begins as soon after the injury accident as possible, as the documentation of the case can become more difficult as time passes.

How much will it cost to have an attorney?

The initial evaluation of the case is at no cost. If the case is taken on by the firm, you are not required to pay for the legal services unless a recovery or monetary compensation is achieved. The amount owed to the attorney will be a percentage of the total amount received in the compensation. This allows the client to have excellent quality representation without suffering with paying out of pocket in advance.

What can Accident Lawyers help me with?

The legal team at the firm helps clients with a variety of legal issues. From helping clients who have suffered from a motor vehicle accident to helping victims of workplace accidents (such as construction accidents), you can be confident that they have the experience necessary to helping you achieve your desirable result. At their firm, they are also able to help in cases involving auto accidents caused by drunk drivers, bicycle accidents, medical malpractice cases resulting in birth injuries, nursing home abuse, clients seeking workers’ compensation after a preventable slip and fall, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death lawsuits involving trucking accidents, as well as cases relating to pedestrian accidents, dog bites and defective products.

How can we help you?
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